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Harnois Racing Formula DVD

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We tailored our racing environment specifically for the purpose of creating the most interesting on-board radio control car racing footage ever.

The track is colorful and 3-dimensional with tight proportions keeping the action close to the camera. The cars pass through and under a 19-foot long arch suspension bridge and up and down seamless dips and rises while racing around a wide variety of curves.

This track combined with experienced adult drivers, high-tech 1/18th scale open-wheel cars, and a unique race format, altogether create surprisingly realistic sliding, crashing, and close racing battles. There are pileups, mechanical breakdowns, crash damage, close finishes, and an intense event finale. Nothing is staged or made-up.

The 90-minute DVD is meticulously edited to include the original car sound, synchronized music, slow-motion crash replays, and the positions and scores displayed on-screen to track the progress of the drivers. Bonus Features include 4 minutes of bloopers and 6 minutes of crashing with raw sound and slow-motion replays.

Play it in your DVD player like any other commercial DVD Movie. Watching it on your TV with full video and sound quality is so much better than online clips!


High Quality WMV
100MB | 5min 24sec | 720 x 480

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13MB | 5min 24sec | 320 x 240

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High Quality option available.

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Independent Reviews and Viewer Comments:

From yourmicro.com user Nerve: (See it in context here.)

"The editing job is phenomenal, very professional looking. The intro sequence really caught my attention and got me interested in watching what would be next. I must say watching it go through the whole event was very interesting. The first few races were interesting to see how the field was starting to stack up. Then, cars started to have issues and breakdowns happened and the field changed yet again. Those poles were really taking a toll on the cars. Once the final races were coming up, I thought I knew who the winner would be..... and I was wrong! Intense racing at its best.

My girlfriend was really getting involved with the dvd and was commenting about how real the racing looked. She loved all the different angles and it gave you a good view of the race. She also mentioned that she loved the scenes where the wheels came popping off...lol.

The bloopers reel was rather funny as well (the person getting smacked in the head with the antenna tube)... and the crazy crashes! Shows you how tough these little cars are. I really liked the photo gallery feature on the dvd as well. Having the cars showcased like that really added something to the dvd. The track build information was interesting to see how it all came together.

Overall, it was a very well done DVD. You can see the time and effort that went into putting it together."

From yourmicro.com user alfred: (See the whole review here.)

"you guys went all out with this vid"
"i have never seen an M18 or MRS4 crash like they do"
"my wife even enjoyed it"

From ebay user mystuff4u208:

"Hey i just had to tell you i really enjoyed that video a buddy of mine has it. very good footage quality filming! just had to let you know!"

From ebay user tayracer06 (in feedback):

"NICE cd my 3 boys love the cd thanks.and shipping was fast."

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Technical Details

Length: 80 minute feature, 10 minutes of Bonus Features, 90 minutes total.
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Audio: Stereo
Region Code: None
Format: NTSC

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Shipping Details

We use U.S. Postal Service First Class Mail. This service is available for almost every country. If in doubt you can check the USPS Index of Countries. Shipping times could be significant for locations outside of North America, please Contact Us at if you need special consideration. Our email: harnoishobby@gmail.com.

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We will never ask you to pay for a DVD that you are not able to watch.

If you do not receive the DVD, then we will either ship another DVD or issue a refund, whatever is your choice and makes sense for the situation.

If you are unable to play the DVD due to damage or some technical reason, we will ask you to return the DVD, and we will either send another DVD or issue a refund, whatever is your choice and makes sense for the situation.

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