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This is where we poke a little fun at ourselves for spending so much time with this hobby.

Driver Info Most Wanted Drivers Kyosho Mini-Z Cup 2004

Driver Info

Real Name: Penny Harnois
Age: 30
Racer Name: Stunt Woman
Aliases: None
Status: Dedicated Racer
Team Affiliation: Harnois Hobby
Car Number: 39
Years in RC: 5

Other Information: Penny is Harnois Hobby's financial advisor and painter. Penny earned her racer name during practice one day by barrel rolling her car several times and landing it on the wheels again. Penny chooses car number 39 because she says it is a lucky number. Part of Penny's race strategy is to distract the other drivers.

Real Name: Adam Harnois
Age: 31
Racer Name: Brain Bucket
Aliases: Precision Host
Status: Dedicated Racer
Team Affiliation: Harnois Hobby
Car Number: 42
Years in RC: 5

Other Information: Originally Adam's fellow drivers gave him the name Precision Host since he hosts the races and has a precise driving style. But this was entirely too flattering. We strove to come up with a name that celebrates Adam's achievements in overthinking. He overanalyzes the track design and construction, race format, videos, website, cars, etc. After intense negotiations, all parties unanimously agreed on Brain Bucket. Adam chooses car number 42 because it is the meaning of life.

Real Name: Jerry Wood
Age: Older than the rest of us
Racer Name: Mindless Man
Aliases: Cheater, Mr. T
Status: Dedicated Racer
Team Affiliation: Not with Jason
Car Number: 43
Years in RC: 30

Other Information: Jerry is our soldering and materials "expert." The name Mindless Man was given to him by his fellow drivers in his early years of RC because he kept hitting the same wall over and over. Later we overheard Jerry referring to another Wood team member as "fool" so we called him Mr.T for a while. He has also been known as Cheater since he has often raced with more battery cells and/or stronger motors than are permitted. Jerry's intimidating stare is just one aspect of his multifaceted race strategy. He chooses car number 43 because he attended a NASCAR race once and driver number 43 won the race. The rest of us aren't sure what NASCAR is, but he swears it is some kind of auto racing.

Real Name: Jason Wood
Age: 20
Racer Name: Magic Nerd
Aliases: Good Year, Fool
Status: Dedicated Racer
Team Affiliation: Privateer
Car Number: 02
Years in RC: 17

Other Information: One day Jason did not show up for racing. We heard he was off somewhere playing magic cards, and so he earned his original racer name of Magic Nerd that day. A week later he shows up for racing again making claims that he had been chasing some college girl, but we didn't buy it, and it was far too late for an explanation anyway. We called him Good Year for a while because he is so convinced that he will solve every handling problem on any car by changing the tires. We are not sure why Jason chooses car number 02, but it probably has something to do with tires or magic.

Real Name: Dave Kutassy
Age: 21
Racer Name: Fajita Dave
Aliases: Super Dave, Jumper Cable
Status: Dedicated Racer
Team Affiliation: Privateer
Car Number: 09
Years in RC: 11

Other Information: When Dave first started racing with us he kept jumping the starts, and thus earned the name Jumper Cable. The name Super Dave and his car number 09 are all from his 1/8th scale off-road buggy racing career. Super Dave seems way too flattering, although he claims it is a show on TV about a guy who does really stupid stuff. So we were keeping an eye out for a new name-making opportunity. Dave stayed over for dinner one night and overfilled his fajita so much that we had to get another tortilla and divide the contents. It was a mess. Dave will have to do something really stupid to shake this latest name.

Real Name: Patrick Spear
Age: 36
Racer Name: Sparkey
Aliases: First Loser
Status: Dedicated Racer
Team Affiliation: Privateer
Car Number: 06
Years in RC: 35.9

Other Information: This is Patrick's "I hate having my picture taken" expression, in case you couldn't tell. Patrick is an electrician and on the jobsites he says he is often called Sparkey. We're not sure what to think of that since electricity generally only causes sparks when something is going wrong.

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Most Wanted Drivers

Kevin Custalow: Charged with driving a micro with a malfunctioning rear differential. Last seen fleeing Harnois Road Course with Silver Corvette C6.

Nick Custalow: Charged with driving too good for a youngster. Last seen fleeing the scene with Kevin Custalow.

Joel Spring: Charged with driving too cautiously. Last seen at Cedar Hill Raceway.

Amanda Spring: Charged with contributing to the delinquency of a parent (Joel Spring). Last seen at local Hobbytown.

Shawn Woodson: Charged with being generally grumpy. Last seen fleeing Cedar Hill Raceway on an R1.

Max Barbour: Charged with failure to make proper use of Micro RS4. Last seen heading south on route 29 with yellow corvette C6.

Alfred Dajero: Charged with posting too many messages on Internet forums. Last seen on an Internet Forum.

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Kyosho Mini-Z Cup 2004

Before we were into 18th scale, we spent a lot of time with Mini-Zs, made by Kysosho. They were quite popular in our area for a while, with 2 hobby stores hosting races. The Mini-Z is smaller than 18th scale. They are only about 3 inches wide. 18th scale on-road cars are about 4 inches wide.

These pictures are from the Kyosho Mini-Z cup in January 2004. We've saved the whole original Kyosho results page to our site because Kyosho took it down. It shows the regional race results for the Charlottesville event as well as other events around the country including the final national event in California.

MR-01 Open A-Main

Mini-Z MR-01 Open:
1. Adam Harnois (center)
2. Patrick Spear (left)
3. Penny Harnois (right)

The Harnois

Top Girl Racers (Penny Harnois and Amanda Spring)

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